The Murabitun of North Africa and Andalusia

'Abdullah ibn Yasin

First Stage: The Preaching of 'Abdullah ibn Yasin

I. The Long March

a) The Meeting of Yahya ibn Ibrahim and Abu 'Imran al-Fasi

b) 'Abdullah ibn Yasin's stay among the Juddala

II. The Reformer's Emigration to the Lamtuna

a) The Meeting with Yahya b. 'Umar, the Lamtuna amir

b) The birth of solidarity

c) The Banu Turjut

d) Jihad against the non-Islamic Berber tribes

e) Al-Murabitun

Second Stage: The Birth Of A Dynasty: An Imam And A Military Leader

I. 'Abdullah ibn Yasin and Yahya ibn 'Umar, or the expansion of the Lamtuna

a) The Conquest of Dar'a and of Sijilmassa

b) New revolt of the Juddala

c) The death of Yahya ibn 'Umar

d) Reconquest of Sijilmassa

II. Expansion resumes under Abu Bakr ibn 'Umar

a) The conquest of the Sus

b) Recognition of Abu Bakr ibn 'Umar

c) The expedition of 'Abdullah ibn Yasin in the land of Masmuda

d) The taking of Aghmat

e) The Fight against the Zanata of Tadla

f) The expedition to Tamasna, in the middle of the Barghawata:  the death of 'Abdullah ibn Yasin

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

I. Yusuf ibn Tashfin, Lieutenant of Abu Bakr ibn 'Umar

II. Strengthening of the authority of Yusuf ibn Tashfin

a) The structure and strengthening of Yusuf ibn. Tashfin's military power

b) The return of Abu Bakr ibn 'Umar and his meeting with Yusuf ibn Tashfin

III. The Conquering advance of Yusuf b. Tashfin to the Maghrib

a). Expedition in the region of Salé and against the Zanata of the Gharb: the conquest of Meknes

b) The conquest of Fes

c) The capture of Tlemcen

d) Ibrahim b. Abi Bakr ibn 'Umar attempts to reclaim power

e) The Mouluya campaign: Taza, Ajarsif, Melilla, Nakur

f) The fight against the Ghumara, the Zanata and the Tangier region: the capture of Dimna

g) Reorganisation of the governance of the conquered provinces

h) Expansion towards eastern Maghrib: Oran, Tenes, Algiers

i) The siege and capture of Ceuta

IV. Intervention in Andalus

a) The reasons for the jihad in Andalus

b) The first crossing: the occupation of Algeciras

c) The second crossing: the new appeal of Andalus

d) The third crossing: the capture of Granda and Malaga

e) The fourth crossing: the jihad against Alphonso VI and the Cid

f) The final crossing of Yusuf b. Tashfin: proclamation of 'Ali as heir apparent


This is an abridged translation taken from Les Almoravides by Vincent Lagardère.
The copyright is his, not mind, so I hope he doesn't object the presence of the translation here.
I know that there are a lot of people interested in the material who don't speak French.
Please just use this for reference and don't take it for another site.
The conclusions drawn from the sources are his own.

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