Chapter 71: On the Secrets of Fasting

The Secrets of Fasting

Factors and questions involving fasting

 The Classification of the Fast

The obligatory fast, which is the month of Ramadan

When it is too cloudy to sight the new moon

The interpretation of sighting (ru'ya)

On the time of abstaining

That from which the faster abstains

That which enters the stomach but is not nourishment

Kissing and the Faster

Cupping the faster

Vomiting and making oneself vomit

The Intention

The time of the intention to fast

Purification from janaba

The fast of the sick person and the traveller during the month of Ramadan

IIs it better for them to fast or to break the fast?

The illness which allows a person to break the fast

When the traveller breaks the fast and when he abstains

 When the traveller reaches his destination

The one who faints and the madman

Description of making up missed fasting in Ramadan

Someone who puts off making up Ramadan until the next Ramadan

Someone who dies and still owes some fasting

Pregnant and nursing woman who miss fasting

The very old and aged

Someone who deliberately has sexual intercourse in Ramadan

Someone who eats or drinks deliberately

Whether forms of kaffara are in order

 Someone who does something in his fast which is a subject of dispute

The pregnant woman and the nursing woman having a choice

Intending to fast during the night

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