Dars of Shaykh Muhammad al-Fayturi Hamudah

[I don't know who translated this.]

It is essential to fall in love with Allah. Once he begins to take on the Muhammadan form he has chosen for himself he has to keep coming back to it until he is certain, and sinks more in the ruh and becomes captured by it. Then it will be his ride to the heavens. The ruh is light, and Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. The ruh is from Allah. Allah said to the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, "The ruh is from Allah." It is a command, and it is from Allah because the command is the ruh.

My brothers in the tariqa! There is a great thing - people used to be more keen and enthusiastic than today. In the early times when I was in Misurata there were as many as fifty or sixty people, men and women, in the khalwa, but not one of you has made any move or even remembers the name of Allah! Remembering is clearing the heart of its passions and its desires for dunya, so the heart contains the word of Allah and the heart only beats the word of Allah and never goes astray. He will see Allah directly because wherever you turn your face, there is the face of Allah.

Why are people asleep? Try to do what is possible. There is no distance between you and Allah. Allah is closer to you than your self. You will miss the party with all the meal. You will feel hungry afterwards because you did not accept the invitation. This is a tariqa which leads to Allah and knowledge. It is not a way of participation. You will say, "We only come to say the dhikr and that is enough,"just saying, "Allah Allah," and that is it, and everybody goes away. We want everybody's house to be a zawiyya, so that everybody can do the remembering, the dhikr, the wird, always in Allah's company and following Allah's command.

This dunya is nothing to do with us. We work in it only with our hands, we do not work in it with our tongues. The tongue's work is to do the dhikr all the time. The tongue should always be remembering the word' Allah'. What is free becomes priceless. In the first stage of the tariqa, many people are not aware of their nafs. We ourselves were not aware at the beginning. Only recently we achieved the adab of nafs. Anyway, if you work hard you get the achievement at the end - it is from good management.

But how do you escape the dunya and its manifestations? The dunya is very tempting. Do not get into dunya, do not get attached to it and do not take things from it straight to the heart. Let the dunya serve you. Why is it obstructing you? It is not worth anything to Allah, not even a fly's wing. How can it stop you remembering Allah? It is you obstructing yourself. The nafs, shaytan, hawa. When the heart's veins are burnt, only the name of Allah will remain. The cast iron will not melt unless it is heated first, heated with fire until nothing is left. It had no trace from the beginning, except Allah. But the heart of man is full of illusion. When somebody dies, he leaves no trace - only what has happened from the decree of Allah. So think of yourselves.

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