Withdrawal from all that is that is other-than-Allah

Ruhi tuhaddithuni bi anna haqiqati

                            My spirit now addresses me and says that my reality

                               Is God's pure light so therefore look to no one else but Him.

                            If I were not a light then I would surely be other than He

                               But otherness is nothing and will never satisfy.

                            When, with the eye of your own secret, you look out you will not find

                               In heaven or in earth a trace of other than Allah.

                            And yet the binding fantasy of otherness conceals Him,

                              So combat your own whims if you desire to see His face.

                            And climb aboard the sound ship of the Sunna and be saved in it,

                              And tread its captain's path in that you follow his desire.

                            Unite the goblet with the wine and you will disappear in him,

                              And gain subsistence by his secret and exalted state.

                            Thereafter will your inner eye see nothing but His unity,

                              But Shari'a means separation - this do not forget.

                            And make your problems one in Him then He will be enough for you

                              For all of them and you will enter His protected place.

                            Hand over your affairs to Him who is the One that knows them best,

                              For He is the Aware and knows our hearts and their desires.

                            O Lord pour countless blessings on the noble Prophet Muhammad,

                              The secret of existence and its source and radiant light.

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