Fa in Shita Tat'hiran mina shirki wa da'wa

                                    If you truly want purification

                                          From all shirk and self-regard,

                                    And to drink from the spring of Tasnimi

                                          Till your thirst is satisfied,

                                    You must wrap yourself up in endurance,

                                          Wind repentance around your head,

                                    Wear the tunic of firm self-denial,

                                          And in it exhaust your strength.

                                    And you need a good pair of strong sandals,

                                          One of hope and one of fear,

                                    With a staff made of certainty by you,

                                          And a store of pure taqwa.

                                    You need also the bridle of knowledge

                                          For the steed of high desire,

                                    With protection of trusty companions

                                          Which will keep your limbs from harm.

                                    Press on quickly to your destination,

                                          Being careful not to stop

                                    To reflect on material existence -

                                          That will veil you from your home.

                                    But reflect on God's kindness towards you,

                                          Be sincere in thanking Him.

                                    And get up before dawn and be humble

                                          And to Him address your plea.

                                    Blessings be on the Pole of existence

                                          And on those who follow him,

                                    In a way that will broadcast our secret

                                          And make it known to all.

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