Khutba: Da'wa

First Khutba

17 March 2000

Who could say anything better than someone who summons to Allah and acts rightly and says, "I am one of the Muslims"? (41:32)

And also:

Openly proclaim what you have been ordered to and turn away from the mushrikeen.(15:94)

In the first ayah Allah, mentions three things:

To call to Allah,

To act correctly,

To declare ourselves as Muslims.

To call to Allah here means to call to obedience and worship, and some say also to Sayyidina Muhammad, salla'llahu 'alayhi wa sallam, but in general it means to call to the Deen of Islam by observing its commands and prohibitions. It is to call those who are not Muslim to submit to Allah and follow His Messenger, and Allah says there is no better speech or call than this.

The Rasulullah was afraid of the unpleasantness that he knew would occur if he confronted the Quraysh with the call to Islam, which delayed his approach for three years, until Sayyidina Jibra'il brought pressure to bear by informing him that Allah would punish him if he did not.

The Rasul was unsuccessful many times in calling people to the Deen. His lone journey to Ta'if ended in humiliation for him, and preceded greater opposition from Quraysh. With all the merciless persecution he and his community had to face, they continued to worship and call others to the Deen.

Since then millions of Muslims have lived and died following his example and calling others to his message. If they had not we would not be here on this blessed day of 'Id.

If we act according to the what Allah and His Rasul have commanded us to and avoid what they have forbidden, then we will be acting correctly and will mirror his good qualities. Calling to Allah and acting upon the message are inseparable, after all we are calling to action.

Say I am a Muslim. This is who I am from top to bottom, inside and out. The Rasul, salla'llahu 'alayhi wa sallam, said that the best of you are those that when seen, remind others of Allah.

Allah does not need our calling to bring people to the Deen, in the same way that He does not need our prayers. He guides to His light whom He wills. The need is ours. In His mercy and generosity he has honoured us as a means for others to hear His message. To establish, protect and grow our deen, we must share it with others. Whether they turn out to be Abu Bakr or Abu Jahl. The time is dark and Allah has given us a light. If it shines it will attract those who are trying to find a way in the gloom.

Man is a dependent creature. We all cling to something or someone. What separates us is what we cling to. Those who turn to Allah are safe, but those who cling to other than Allah are in trouble.

Calling to Allah is like trying to wean a baby from its mother's breast. The infant wants to hold on. The more confident the mother, the easier is the transition.

Dawa leads to Jihad, and like Jihad there is no end to it. It is an ongoing obligation. We must establish and call, establish more and call more. Our life and all we desire is in it.

Aqulu Qawli hadha wastaghfirullaha li wa lakum
Wa lisaa-iril muslimina fastaghfiruhu
Innahu huwal Ghafurur Rahim.

Second Khutba

Say: "I was forbidden to worship those you call upon besides Allah when the Clear Signs came to me from my Lord and I was commanded to submit to the Lord of all the worlds." (40:66)

How many times today do you hear or read about people asking God to help them?

More likely you will hear many times daily, We need money, Unless the government gives us the funds, we can do nothing. We don't have the budget. We need jobs.

This is what people believe in now; this is what raises their passions; this is what they worship.

We are forbidden to call upon these things. We are called upon to submit to the One Who has power over everything, the One Who possesses everything.

Ya Allah! Bless with acceptance those that have gone to visit you, and protect them in all they do. May they return and encourage us all to struggle the more to re-establish your Deen in this time.

Allah give us strength and courage in Dawa, and open the hearts of people to Your message.

Give us victory over the Kafirun so that Your Name will become uppermost and justice will prevail for the Muslims and the Kuffar alike.

Allah give us power for Your sake as you have given us knowledge for Your sake.

Allah bless us with the encounter with Your Rasul, and may we be among those that preserve and re-establish his Sunnah.

Allah bless his family and companions all of them, particularly the four rightly-guided khalifs, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, Allah bless our guide and teacher, Shaykh Abdalqadir al-Murabit, and help him in his task of re-connecting the Muslims to pure Deen of Islam, that will lead to its re-establishment on the face of the earth.

May He bless all of our amirs in their endeavour to implement the guidance that comes to them, especially our amir Uthman Abdalmajid; Allah give him the strength and courage that his task requires.

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