We ask Allah for the good of it. There are five lessons here.

The first lesson is that anyone who claims to be a shaykh without permission is deluded, bewitched and cheated, and an evil end is feared for him. The gnostics of Allah said that. It is part of what contains impudence towards Allah and laying claim to being in intermediary between Allah and His servants and claiming to act as a deputy for His Messengers in guidance.

The second lesson is that it is not permitted to keep the company of a majdhub [one who is enraptured by Divine attraction) who continues with this divine attraction and does not return to the realisation of stations because he has no responsibility and the person who is responsible might be wrenched from the deen by that.

The third lesson is that when a man does not act in accordance with the will of another, it is not correct that he can move from passion, even if he goes to great length in discipline and striving because of the great density of the veil of his lower self. Furthermore,the murid must yearn to recognise his hidden faults which are hidden from him, to seek them out and to look for them. He must be concerned with them. It is, however, not possible for someone to realise what his own faults are through himself because the human being only sees himself as perfect.

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The fourth lesson is to mention the practices which expiate prior and later wrong actions as it says in the Book of the Healing of the Sickness and Pains by Muhammad ibn Ja'far al-Kittani al-Hasani. I will only mention the practices themselves and not the evidence behind them. Whoever wants to learn the evidence for them should read that book. 

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 The fifth lesson is to clarify the branches of faith which are referred to briefly by Abu Hurayra who reports from the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace: "Faith consists of some sixty branches, and modesty is a branch of faith.

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