Letter to An African Muslim

Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi ad-Darqawi

(This was published in 1981 by Diwan Press)

Bismillah'r-Rahman'i-Rahim. Allahumma salli 'ala sayyidina Muhammadin 'abdika wa rasulika'n-Nabiyyi'l-ummi wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi was sallam.

Dear brother in Islam,

Allah the Exalted said:

Sanction is given to those who fight because they have been wronged and Allah is indeed able to give them victory.

Those who have been driven from their homes unjustly only because they said, 'Our Lord is Allah' – for had it not been for Allah's repelling some men by means of others, monasteries and churches, temples and mosques, wherein the name of Allah is often mentioned, would surely have been pulled down. Truly Allah helps one who helps Him. Allah IS Strong, Powerful.

Those who, if We give them power in the land, establish worship and pay the zakat, and enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. And to Allah is the sequel of events.

How many a township have We destroyed while it was doing wrong, so that it lies in ruins. How many deserted wells and high towers?

HAVE THEY NOT TRAVELLED IN THE LAND? And have they hearts to feel with and ears to hear with, for truly it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts within the breasts that grow blind!

        (Surat al-Hajj)


1. Technique – the Dominant Culture

2. The Methodology of the New Colonialism

3. The Take-Away

4. Islam in Africa

5. The Future: The Path of Dhikru'llah

Appendx 1: The Case against Alcohol

Appendix 2: The Myth of Communism

Appendix 3: Africa – 4 Million Refugees

Appendix 4: The Result of 100 Years of Progress and Development



In order to understand the present enslavement of our Islamic nation it is important to recognise the forces involved, their deployment, effect, power and weakness. At present a web of false information has been put out across Africa and, more seriously, working models and methods put forward to 'solve' the 'problems' of the 'underdeveloped' or 'developing' state. In other words, the Muslim intellectual (for a Muslim is by definition an intellectual) has been fed a false dialectic which, if he continues to work within it, will leave him in a power vacuum unable to impinge on the social and personal reality around him. It is vital that we both decode the current myths of 'problem and solution' as well as create a new polarity system of opposites to vitalise our renewed action as Islamic workers.

Before examining the current situation of external and kafir control of Africa, let us examine the nature of the enemy's social modes. During this examination it is necessary to stress that everything referred to in the following pages has already been defined in terms of a 'political framework' of evolving democracy over and against tribalism and backward despotisms due to local past history. All this we must put out of our minds as a mythic system devised to allow free access to and intervention in, the local African scene.

When we speak of the kafir society we are not accepting the current dialectic of 'northern' media which sees Africa as a killing-ground for the conflict of political democracy western-style and socialism eastern-style. Each of these two materialist camps have a rhetoric of freedom. That rhetoric, if applied to an African situation as a critique, can present the country as either the victim of ruthless imperialist exploitation by multi-national corporations, or it can be seen as a totalitarian 'foreign' control by socialist hegemonists. Each has its horror stories about the other side. Both stories may well be true. It does not follow that the military confrontation between east and west is a genuine one. It must be remembered that there has been virtually no face to face conflict between russia and the west since the end of world war one.

What we appear to be witnessing are the inner contradictions of trade forces within imperalist societies working themselves out on carefully staged killing-grounds which permit no loss of life or property to the source group, yet permit a massive convulsion within the source economy by the trying out and usage of high-tech weaponry, followed up by the opening of new markets in the rehabilitation phase following battles. Thus after the vietnam war, russia opens up new markets in vietnam itself and expands new war-theatres in neighbouring countries, while america gets access to Chinese markets in open trading which places the high-tech module of taiwan on the line as ransom.

What we are dealing with therefore is a high-technology camp stylistically divided in two with a self-energising force built into the so-called political conflict but which in reality constantly creates new markets and new resource-areas by the continental shift brought about by the plate-movement of each 'side'. So, we are really witnessing the continual impingement of high-tech processes and systems on zero-ground resource-areas, and the occupation of strategic zones for 'protection of interests' to allow change in the market structure.

The technocratic state (east/west) is structuralist, and pyramidic. It is vividly described in the Qur'an al-Karim in the encounters between the (Islamic) Allah Musa, peace be upon him, and the (kafir) high-tech leader, Pharaon.

Pharaon rules a totalitarian and materialist state which exalts him as a god. The whole state exists to 'fix' leadership in a permanent state and thus tyranny and social stasis. The 'magicians' are his scientists who calculate the necessary computations which will build the pyramids, whose function is the entombment of the embalmed leader, that is, structures which will ensure the ongoing conditions of rigidity and leader-orientation. The building of the pyramid and other gigantic structures are means to that end, but in fact the means are the end, since these ensure the continued slavery of the people in the never-ending building process.

It is in the nature of the high-tech state that it is based on slavery. We do not mean it in the deliberately romanticised way in which the term slavery has been presented. That is, it is not slavery in an agrarian sense, as was the case in the u.s.a. two hundred years ago. Nor is it in the sense that it was to the european workers in the mines and factories one hundred years ago. Slavery today is controlled by media and consumer activity. Movement and social group is basically forbidden or rendered undesirable in western models. With mass sport, fantasy-tv, and the arts, it is not necessary to put slaves in a compound. They already are in one, albeit beautifully decorated – the mall, the stadium, the concert-hall.

The high-tech society is not 'new'. It is not 'modern' at all. It is medievalist from start to finish. It is ancient. Look at the riot police! Are they not an exact replica of medieval infantry with their shields, helmets, lances, and smoke bombs? Indeed, the best model of modern society is the society of the medieval Aztecs.

The Aztec Syndrome

Aztec society was a high-tech society obsessed with gigantism and imperial development of surrounding peoples. It was a total interlock system. Building the city state was its 'rational' activity, This involved everyone. Since this process had to continue unquestioned and in perpetuity a mythic religion was evolved which declared that for the sun to rise every day a sacrifice was necessary. Thus, each pre-dawn a man was taken to the top of the temple pyramid and laid out on a slab. Within seconds his heart was torn out with an obsidian knife. Thus at the heart of this totally logical society, mathematically based, calculating and systemic, lay the one necessary, utterly irrational (yet irresistibly logical) act of the slaughter of an innocent man.

In 1487, this great medieval state in dedicating its Great Temple ritually murdered around 50.000 people. Four people at a time were killed without pause for four days from sun-up to sun-down. The whole city stank. These were a friendly people who did this killing and they were known for their affectionate natures. Like the americans who are so kind and so humanistic in their values, who tie yellow ribbons on trees for fifty missing countrymen – yet seem to view without compunction the ruthless torture and killing of iranians by a secret police trained by their own men and under orders to them. The only difference between the old Aztecs and the new Aztecs is that now they have removed the stink of rotting flesh from their own homes. The killing-ground is now afghanistan, iran, or biafra.

Its Seven Conditions

So, in the Aztec syndrome we note first of all that the state is high-tech and that implies it is systems linked. Thus it cannot be destroyed from outside by attacking one zone since interlink will allow the rest of the structure to take the strain and there will be no lesion in the social nexus. That is to say that social patterns are linked, like the knitting of a sweater, any tear is held by the inter-weave of the rest of the fabric. Thus killing a politician or blowing up a bank does not in any serious way affect the whole social order.

Secondly, we note that it nevertheless is based on the intellectual enslavement of the masses to the idea of the necessity of the social project – in our case 'development'.

Thirdly, we note that it is, being medievalist, an elitist society. It has a large and enslaves low-drive mass of people all working in services and administration, while control and programming remains in the hands of a high-drive elite. Tape recorders for the masses, computer programming and control by the elite.

Fourthly we observe the need to provide arenas for the masses to keep them from unrest. These glorify the state's power – they are told it is the sovereignty of the people – and there they expend their physical energies in orgies of marching and athletics and games. The intellectuals are fed into the fantasy production of media, are given harmless arenas for free debate on issues that never impinge on the actual activities of the imperial group. For example, one video director strayed from his carefully defined zone of 'documentaries' to record the true history which led to the founding of the irish republic and although the events took place over fifty years ago, a true version of them could not be told to the british people, because it would impinge on the realities of power existing today in northern ireland. His work was refused a viewing to the masses and sold to him for one pound. This revealed their cynical awareness that the work without access to a mass tv audience was ineffective. Fortunately for the kafir state most of quite radically drugged masses are content with quiz games, prowess competitions, football and rock concerts.

Fifthly, we note the social implications of systems application on the body politic. Control. Computerised records, a passive work force which does not have access to its own records, a military elite who are not accountable to the public in any way and certainly not even accountable to the mythic political stage that is erected centre foreground to mask the true power apparatus. Crime itself has to be systematised and permitted as a kind of civic goitre which hangs full and fat from the neck of society. Organised crime is never eliminated but it is simply limited and then protected. It is an essential drainage system for the poisonous fluids of the ethnic minorities and the corrupt elements in state police. Another element of control that increases dramatically all the time in the high-tech society is limited and monitored travel. Once a Muslim could travel from Tangiers in the west to Canton in the east and stay with Muslims all the way, carrying only a few letters of laissez-passer – as did the moroccan traveller Ibn Batutta hundreds of years ago.

Sixthly, we note that high-tech society is dependent on drugs, alcohol, and sexual amorality to survive the stress impact of working in a technological modality. We must never forget there is no 'clean technology' – neither ecologically or morally. Kufr is one system. All armies are basically one army in 'modern times' – it is a system based on the english army for its empire was the first technologically organised in the 'modern' sense of the term. Military men are one brotherhood across the high-tech world, as indeed, are the police, to say nothing of the technocrats themselves who still do not run the very system they keep in action.

This sixth condition leads inevitably to the valueless society and so it is clear that a high-tech state cannot tolerate any religion which cannot be reduced to a pattern of private worship and belief devoid of morality and social obligation. Christianity has been forced into and has found easy, being a pseudo-religion, the adoption of a no-value morality, accepting sexual deviation, divorce and a female priesthood. Child abuse, which one might consider the humanity-barrier, has already been swept away. One in seven american children has been sexually assaulted by an adult member of their family by the age of nine. It follows ultimately that even suicide has to be permitted in the mythic confirmation of man's 'freedom' in the great enslavement of 'development' that is current 'modern' life!

The seventh condition of the Aztec syndrome lies in its priesthood: the academics and scientists. No previous Aztec society has so intricately and expertly gone about providing itself not only with licence and pedigree but with a certificate of superiority over all previous and all currently opposing groups. Again it must be remembered that every activity of the university structure is of its nature part of the power nexus. There is no research and no remote academic interest that does not feed back into an open political framework involved in the control and sometimes genocide of innocent Muslims, especially in Africa.

Just as a remote piece of research on enzymes and plant growth by an 'innocent' scientist in the u.s.a. led to the defoliation of the vietnamese jungle dividing north and south vietnam, so again and again one can see direct linkage between research and its counterpart in the lethal and inhuman 'development' we are told we dare not resist. In tracing some west African language in the George Washington University we found ourselves in what should have been a remote academic bywater – an institute which dealt with Applied Linguistics. Not only was all its information tuned in by direct line to the state department, but it lay next door to an over political organisation that was chaired by the man who had negotiated the peace treaty between the u.s.a. and vietnam. Interlink, the key term in understanding the Aztec syndrome in all its frozen and majestic terror!

The structuralist principle can best be seen in its naked capacity by examining the university system within the greater system. It should not be forgotten that the traditional university was based on other premises and in the older universities themselves they have difficulty in realising how they have been seconded to their political duties, witness the 'academic' row at Cambridge in england over the presence of structuralist literary critics within the english department.

The encyclopaedia, the archive, the research and development method – these are all, on examination, instruments not just of precision, but in the 'scientific' framework, of power, since it is the myth of precision that confers power on the magically structured mathematical 'base' to scientific research and method. Everything is measured, analysed, named and codified. This is imperialism manifesting as scientific method. one can trace an over relationship between the Encyclopaedia of Islam and the carving up of the 'middle east' – middle in relation to an imperial england that found china 'far east' from London.

The research and analysis within the orientalists' Islam that lies between the pages of that encyclopaedia provided the theoretical background for the carving of a christian enclave out of Muslim syria, called lebanon, as well as a jewish enclave out of Muslim palestine called israel. It is not accidental that the educational modules of lebanon were to author the forthcoming attacks on what remained of the Islamic ethos, nor that those of israel now boast the largest and most cogent output of Islamic 'studies' in the world! Do not imagine that a detailed study of the life of the Mahdi of Sudan and the sufic phenomenon coming from there is made out of a pure desire for knowledge, rather it is a clear indication of future imperialistic designs on a still stubbornly Islamic corner of Africa.

Equally the linguistic studies represent the most political examination of a people and their control possible. The enslavement of the Muslim peoples in south-western russia is based on a most far-reaching analytical study of local languages and by the ruthless re-alignment of spoken and written language to accord with the Moscow dominant elite. Stalin's concept of language as a basis of nation-hood allowed him to cut up the unified Muslim south into harmless and competing pseudo-nations or states. In the same way one should ask whether linguistic studies preserved the Navajo language among the american indians and whether anthropological studies strengthened Navajo culture and its 'way of life' – no, there is no doubt that the path from the archive to the museum is short and inevitable.

The World Festival of Islam held in London a few years ago was an overt scheme to paralyse the Islam they knew was bursting out in all its power, but they had underestimated it, as they still do, for it is from Allah and His Light, glory be to Him. Remember also that the structuralist groups based on 'modernist' theory like Maududi's Jama'aat al-Islamia helped stage the Festival and worked in collaboration with those europeans who were 'scholars and freemasons' despite warnings from their brother Muslims. None of this, as we shall see, is at all accidental.

Lastly where there is not direct interface between research and political action we find a three tiered system as follows: anthropology/linguistics – Aid programmes – political control systems.

The Situation Today

Today we find the Aztec syndrome in full force yet rent by the inevitable contradiction, caused by too much stasis and fixity unable to retain power. Since this is against the dynamic rule of opposites on which Allah has set up existence it naturally cannot remain static. In fact we find within the Aztec syndrome the unpredictable inner-destruct mechanism that comes from over-stress. The results of this are structure breakdown-failure of political mythic systems to function –institutions unable to adapt – and random madness and crime which breaks out unpredictably. All the breakdowns, personal and social, lead to a further polarisation of power and tyranny over and against slave oppression within the Aztec syndrome. Its own privileged members are randomly murdered, put out of work, go mad, have family break-ups, commit suicide, change sex, become victims of rime or terrorism, find themselves on a war fringe when there is some piece of 'continental shift' change in markets – e.g. whites in rhodesia.

The irrational element – the slaughter, genocide and resources-removal from the world's poor, and particularly from the peoples of Africa – that element without which the whole syndrome is unable to flourish – must now be put in question, understood and given the great refusal that will mark the emergence of the Islamic movement in its true nature, something that has not, as yet, happened.

It is now necessary to examine in detail and in background theory the structures and methodology of the new post-political colonialism which currently enslaves the African peoples, our dear Muslim brothers and innocent and misled local christians, as well as great groups of ignorant animists held in degradation by an ideology that prefers its Africans to be naked savages rather than civilised and worshipping self-governing Muslims.



There is not one autonomous, self-governing state in Africa today. Where ownership and control lies we will examine later. Firstly we must look at the methodology that has been imposed on and is now functioning in the control of Africa by alien forces.

Let us ask:

How is Africa controlled?

Why is Africa controlled?

What lies behind the control of Africa?

Only after we have examined the answers to the questions may we examine the road to freedom, and it is not Frantz Fanon's for he has been precisely one of the instruments of that ruthless control.

Colonial methodology rests on five principles.

A Brief Overview

Before we can understand the present arbitrary and disastrous division of Africa in pseudo-nations it is important to have some sense of the African past.

Right at the very beginning of the African story we encounter the imperialist myth. It is important for the christian imperialists that Africans are seen not just as Bani Adam but as a primal man linked directly to the most primitive beginnings of man, who can be seen as the connection, if not the missing link, to pre-human status. It is also inferred by the pseudo-research of the palaeontologists that the Africans must have provided the missing link! It must never be forgotten that the palaeontological record of broken bones and the highly dubious method of carbon-dating presents a fiction, a 'model' of one possible picture of man's evolution, based in turn on your acceptance of an evolutionary picture.

We would emphasise that evolutionary concepts neither stand up to linguistic analysis nor to logical examination. The thesis is fraught with contradictions and fudged issues, jumps in reasoning and lacunae in evidence that leave it a most inelegant hotchpotch that in the end relies on more and more contradictory evidence from differing scientific disciplines. The Darwinians and Huxleyian picture with all its modifications and excuses remains nothing less than an imperialist doctrine wedded to and irrevocably inseparable from a ruthless exploitation and colonisation of Africa whose bloody beginnings co-incide with the pure 'science' of the amateur Darwin and the dreamer Huxley. Evolutionism, like christianity, does not persuade by intellectual demonstration, but relies on brute force to have its doctrine accepted.

Before looking at the historical record it should be remembered that in the traditional picture of pre-history, that is in the ancient records of the only people likely to have remembered a folk inheritance of knowledge, it is universally accepted by Muslims, buddhists and hindus that the first man/men came from ceylon, and this is corroborated by ancient chinese narrations that place early man on an island paradise outside china and to the west. The Leakey-anthropological myth is bound up with colonialism not merely in its ideology but in its funding and in the political presence of the researchers. Apartheid would not be so complete in its arrogant unreality without the back-up fantasies of the 'rhodesian man' found at Saldanha Bay near Capetown. The acute concern about colour manifests in all the rationalisations of colour-pigmentation due to the need for 'skin-protection against the damaging effects of sunlight'. This, of course, does not explain why the New York american blacks have not sensibly mutated to a sickly white to accord with the chill northern winters they have known for two hundred years!

Having defined the 'first men' as African, the record, according to the colonists, first recognises only racial sub-groups – thus Africa is viewed from the beginning in racial terms. All textbooks can be found referring to Africa as comprising five 'races' – negroes, nilotics (or nilo-saharans), pigmies, bushmen and hamito-semitics, although this does not account for the Berbers. The semitic presence opens the way for re-occupation by that grouping with its racial dreams of conquest. Why the first view of Africa should be race-defined cannot be understood, unless we recognise immediately the underlying principles that we are now exposing.

The anthropological legend continues with tales of early man's development through different phases – to prepare him for the grisly fates that awaits him in the present day, no doubt. So African man is first racially defined, then described as grubbing for roots and picking fruit off trees. He then 'evolves' to food production and domestic animals. The cultivation of grain brings the big switch over and the first radical technological breakthrough. This technology reached the Nile Valley from 'jordan' around 5000 BC (christian dating). Thus the neolithic culture arrived in Africa with its main source of activity at the mouth of the Nile. Around 3000 BC we see the emergence of the first African state in egypt.

Emphasis must be made that this is THEIR version of YOU and your ancestors. The story of the continent could easily have been expressed in terms of changing cosmologies, value-structures, tribal ties, taboos, et cetera.

During this time we see the emergence of the chadic people around lake chad. They enter the agricultural phase and introduce the growing of sorghum. Egypt and Nubia (in sudan) had a bronze age, but the rest of Africa lay – sunk, we presume is the word – in the stone age.

Foreign empires impinged on north Africa and there was spill-over from Persia in the north-east of the continent. Iron-suing communities appeared in nigeria giving rise to the Nok, but little is known of them. Apart from the movement of the Roman empire across the face of north Africa, the time up to and past the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, is mainly a record of the free and warlike movement of peoples across the face of the continent. By around 200 AD (christian dating) a small kingdom surfaces in Abyssinia, the kingdom of Axum.

It is, to us, the arrival of Islam in the early years of the Prophet's mission that is the turning point or the beginning point of the African story. From the arrival of the Good News and the Warning at the court of the Negus of Abyssinia we witness both the insemination of Islam by the Companions and the first indication that Islam will be preferred to christianity and its mythic deviant theories of trinity and godhood of Jesus, peace be upon him. The message of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings of Allah and peace be upon him, had illuminated Africa. Soon his Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, had swept across the north east corner of the continent smashing the eastern Roman empire as had been foretold.

Moulay Idris the first, may Allah be pleased with him, took Islam to the Berbers and his son founded the great city of Fez in morocco. In a short time the whole of north Africa and the Berber people had accepted Islam. From the Berbers in the north, Islam spread to the Sanhaja who occupied the western Sahara and controlled the caravan routes. The Tuareg accepted Islam. They held a middle position in the Sahel but moved across the desert from the Atlantic to the sudan. No one knows where the noble Tuareg came from, but their role in the pivotal mid-Sahara is vital.

About three hundred years after the Hijra there emerged kingdoms in ghana, mali, as well as the great Songhay empire, Four hundred years after the Hijra saw one of the most important if not the most important event in the spiritual and political history of Africa.

The Berbers of mauritania were united by a sufic Shaykh who one returning from Hajj set out to gather men together to revive the deen of Islam. His method was the method of the Ribat: withdraw into a closed fortress-like situation, acquire the deen, study two books, the Qur'an and the Muwatta' of Imam Malik, may Allah be pleased with him. They practised dhikr and purification of the nafs according to the way of the sufis and when the time was ripe they swept out of their Ribats and moved across Africa south to Awdaghast and north to Sijilmasa, the now vanished southern moroccan city. The Murabitun, in alliance with the Tokolor or senegal, held the trade routes of the western Sahara and established a vast and profoundly Islamic culture that was so powerful it was not only to take in the whole of the Maghrib but to vitalise and save Islam in spain. It is this key event that we must return to again and again to study its methodology and apply it as the sufis have done ever since.

About six hundred years after the Hijra the Murabitun empire gave way to the Al-Muwahhids who ruled over the Mediterranean littoral from Tripoli to Tangiers as well as Islamic spain. During all this time it should be remembered that the world religion that had illuminated Africa was Islam. By medieval times the first 'modern' european incursions began from portugal and later from spain, yet only one christian enclave has ever existed in Africa as a cultural reality, and that is Abyssinia, a country that has traditionally been regarded by Muslims with loyal affection due to the early support of Islam given by the Negus to our beloved Prophet, blessings of Allah and peace be upon him.

Another crucial factor in the story of the continent is that it was Islam as defined through the Maliki school that was to take root everywhere. This is not, to Muslims, an insignificant or merely legal issue. It relates indeed to the central schism of Islam – the sunni/shi'a split. In this matter the Malikis have always claimed to be the true 'shi'a' movement in the sense that Maliki fiqh, as well as being the record of Madinah at the time of 'Umar, radiya'llahu 'anhu, its linked with the rule, not of the tyrannical Umayyads, but with the western khalifate of the Prophet's family and especially with the benevolent rule of the Moulay Idris line in the Maghrib. Thus Maliki Islam emerges as sweeter and more tolerant, barer in outline, less influenced by un-Islamic forces, less obliged to bolster by fatwa the rule of tyranny. The great history of Maliki fiqh is an African achievement.

By the beginning of the nineteenth christian century, the modern tragedy of Africa can be seen unfolding. Already the dutch colonists had settled in the Cape and the disastrous symbolic arrival of Napoleon, the Master Mason, in Cairo was to spell out the beginning of a long process of intrigue and conspiracy that was to erode Islamic scholarship from within over the coming hundred years. Yet at that time Africa was still 'the Green Continent' with Islam as its indigenous and natural religion. East Africa has been islamicised by Arab traders along the mombassa coast, and despite portuguese control there, Islam flourished. The great southern heartland of the now zaire remained basically untouched by either Islam or colonial incursion. The beginning of the century also saw the tremendous Islamic Jihad of the great sufic warrior and wali of Allah, 'Uthman dan Fodio, may Allah be pleased with him. He established his capital in Sokoto and then the rule passed to his son.

The mid-nineteenth century was to see the french dug in along the algerian coast and ferociously resisted in another sufically inspired and led Jihad, that of the great 'father of algeria', Shaykh 'Abdalqadir al-Jaza'iri, may Allah be pleased with him, who was a noted sufic scholar – his commentary on the Futuhat al-Makkiyya of Ibn al-'Arabi remains the most famous written on that work. Indeed he was at his own request buried at the feet of the Shaykh al-Akbar, Ibn al-'Arabi, in Damascus. The french also had established a colonial enclave in senegal, and the portuguese were in angola, as well as mozambique. The Boers established their orange free state in inter-colonialist wars with england in south Africa.

The senegalese enclave soon began to be enlarged and this led to another sufic Jihad, this time led by the great al-Hajj 'Umar, the conqueror of Kaarta. While in the Sahara the great sufic phenomenon of all was to emerge in the establishment of the new and dynamic Tariqah of Sanussi al-Kabir. This wonderful civilising force was to turn desert oases into thriving cities. Hospitals, libraries, school gave dynamic vitality to the sufic passion for Allah and His Messenger, a light that was to fill the whole Sahara and bring down on it the combined rage and savagery of the kafir forces for over seventy years until they had to remove it by genocide. It took both the french and the italian armies to destroy them and it is a chapter of colonial history that remains to be authentically written. to this day the colonists cannot face the high cultural achievement of Islamic society as created by the Sanussiyya. When the Sanussis killed the french spy Pere Foucauld who was working subversively among the Tuareg it was a necessary act in a vicious colonial war. Yet in a current (french) guide book to the Sahara it claims that Foucauld was some kind of saint (why?) who was murdered by a tribe of savages called Sanussi!

The second half of the nineteenth christian century saw the famous explorations by european explorers. This is presented still to school children as legacy of heroic discovery. Why? Africa was not lost! How did it need to be discovered? The vast population of Africa knew quite well where it was and it scarcely needed these topeed religious fanatics, who always required endless bales of luggage to be carried for them by the unfortunate locals, to emerge out of the jungle and tell the people they had been discovered. Africans already knew which way the Niger followed!

The muslims always knew what the europeans were in Africa for, gold and slaves. Never let it be forgotten – slave-trading was a christian phenomenon. Even the anti-slavery movement was a market-shift policy and not a humanitarian one. With the onset of the industrial revolution machines began to replace muscle and so the time had come to change merely the focus of exploitation to another natural resource, to another means of wealth. Current jewish propaganda against Islam tries to implicate Islam with the slave trade but it is erroneous. The slaves went mainly from west Africa to america, that was the famous export trade whose results are now well known to us in the black population of the united states, which makes american blacks the largest black nation after nigeria!

A word should be said about slavery in Islam. It is simple and clear. In our work Jihad we referred to slavery as part of the shari'at of Islam. The accusation made against the work being fascist is hardly tenable since slavery was a sunna of the Messenger! When he died, according to the Sirat literature, he freed sixty-three slaves, one for each year of his life. This establishes that he used them all his life. Now having said that, it must be made clear that slavery in Islam – and remember what an emotive word it has been made by the slave-trading christians – is not the same thing as slavery in russia or under the slavers of the gold coast.

Here are the essentials of slavery in Islam:

1. Slavery is permitted within strict moral codes.

2. Utterly humane treatment is obligatory and slaves can bring complaint against inhuman or cruel treatment.

3. Masters eat with slaves and give them their own clothes.

4. Chains are not permitted. Movement is not curtailed.

5. Slavery is seen as a transient aspect of social mobility caused by wars and population change. Thus it is considered natural to free slaves after a time, and marry them into your or local families. It is expected also to settle them with their own houses and properties once they are stabilised into the new community. This permits us to add that if slavery were recognised then many refugee problems would not even exist.

6. Allah has declared praiseworthy the marrying of a female mumin slave.

7. A man is permitted by the Qur'an to have sexual intercourse with his female slaves. Any children of such a union are presumed to be brought up in Islam and then freed. The implication of this in turn implies the woman's acceptance of Islam.

The slavery of the slavers is a totally different thing. Islamic 'slavery' is nothing more than bonded servanthood under humane rules to avoid concentration camp and refugee status with all its evil and degradation. The alternatives to Islamic slavery have proved in modern warfare and colonialism to be genocide, prostitution, and social degradation beyond repair. The Islamic shari'at is in every instance humane and just. Kafir policies which protest their humanity and human rights are a ghastly tale of brutality and indifference to colonialised people – from ireland to the philippines. So we may confirm: slave status is permitted, refugee status is forbidden.

In the latter part of the century things went from bad to worse. The Kimberley diamonds intensified colonial presence in south Africa so that an axis of British power and expropriation was set up with the Cape gold and diamond adventures at one end of Africa and the Suez Canal as a maritime toll-gate at the other. These years were to see the rush to colonise the virgin continent – virgin, that is, in the fantasised version of Africa presented by the so-called scientists and clergymen who rushed to exploit it. The people were 'pagan' – the muslims were seen as unbelievers and a free use was made of the old noxious crusading language that still can be found in official french and english texts on Africa. Following the french and the english came the italians, the germans and the belgians. The belgians took the great heart of Africa, now zaire. Their colonisation remains perhaps the most vicious, inhumane and ill-conceived essay in a human project which nowhere honours those involved. Here – in the political annexing of Africa was the new slavery – far more insidious and destructive in its results than the slave-trading of individuals that had marked the earlier part of the century. Everything happening today in Africa is a direct result and extension of the policies set up one hundred years ago.

In the late eighteen nineties the english were to attack the cast and coherent Mahdi-inspired unification of the sudan. Yet again the sole enemy of colonialism was to be the sufic Tariqah. This time under the inspired and undoubtedly miraculous governance of the Mahdi, the muslims proved to be the one resistant force to european rapacity and greed in Africa. The Mahdi's people, as with the Fulani and Hausa earlier, elevated by an Islamic education, and the inspiration of dhikr of Allah, not only opposed the pagan forces of kufr, but demonstrated their human and cultural superiority to the invaders. Bonded by the recitation of the Mahdi's wird, the Ratib, his people fought together in unity and with fearless tenacity. The power of the dhikr of the Ratib should not be underestimated and it was because of this that the Wahhabi pseudo-scholars on instructions from their english over-lords were advised to oppose the until then commonly accepted and approved method of reciting wazifas as laid out by the 'ulama' and awliya'.

There were many lesser sufic Jihads in west Africa, in the now mali and in senegal. There was also the remarkable sufic jihad which was waged in somalia. Our own Tariqah, the renowned and pure Darqawi Tariqah was to be the focus of resistance to french occupation of morocco right into the twentieth christian century.

By 1925 the french had taken over a vast empire including tunisia, algeria, morocco – minus spanish Sahara, the whole Sahara, and all west Africa as well as middle Africa out to below nigeria. The english had the honestly named gold coast, egypt, and sudan, down west of Abyssinia (ethiopia) to the indian ocean including kenya and uganda and the now tanzania. They held all of the south except for the portuguese possessions of angola and mozambique. The french had madagascar. Italy held libya while the Sanussi stubbornly held out in the Sahara. Ethiopia remained as a vassal kingdom, but in 1936 Mussolini crushed Haile Selassi's forces.

We now approach the situation that has led to the current re-annexation of Africa by the high-tech northern kafir culture. It must be held in mind when examining what is currently at stake even after the so-called world war 2, which was just a kafir inter-state war played out on a colonial killing-ground, the map of Africa was still in the 1950's basically a colonial carve -up.

It seems scarcely understood by people today that the nineteen fifties were still the days of open colonialism. Now there appeared on the scene the anti-colonial movement caused on the one hand by local resentment at the devastation and indifference to the local populations caused by the disastrous 'world war', and on the other hand by the need to move into a new market situation – the need, that is, of the 'advanced' northern nations. Just as the english opposed slavery once the free-trade possibility of full resources exploitation became possible, now in the 1950's the greedy high-tech countries orchestrated the myth of 'national independence' in order to avoid the cost of administration while allowing the continued stripping of African mines and minerals. We are now ready to examine the five principles of colonial methodology.

1. The Partition Principle

The first necessary political action of colonists is the impotising of opposition from the indigenous people, due to be made non-persons in the colonial transformation. The original dialectic civilising-culture/ignorant savages had met with growing and dramatic resistance from only one source – the sufic Tariqahs, and that means also the Muslim intellectuals. By the 1950s the old european free-for-all grabbing of territories had to be replaced with a new dialectic. Also a powerful competitor had moved on to the scene. The u.s.s.r. over and against 'imperialism' – meaning western control of Africa – was projected as a new dialectic of 'people's liberation'. Ironically, this movement posed as marxist although there is absolutely no foundation for nationalist freedom movements in classical marxist thought. Just as the rabbinical Marx never questioned the moral validity of production itself, he never forcefully confronted the morality of colonialism.

Yet a powerfully persuasive people's liberation movement was set in motion based on these which were quite out of accord with the realities as well as the theories of leninist statism. While the russian imperialists used the liberation dialectic, on their side the americans and the french began to construct a brilliantly veiled system of patronage and concern which in the long run proved more powerful a control mechanism than the old repressive colonial political structure backed up by the ex-convict recruited Desert Legion which had for so long terrorised the Sahara. Charitable aid programmes and national revitalisation projects were the fronting of the new colonialism. Behind these lay the real powers of the new Africa, the multi-national corporations, the banks and especially the super-bank structures like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. But we will return to the banking element later, if Allah wills.

In the 1950s the french 'withdrew' from tunisia and morocco. The british pulled out of libya, sudan and suez. By the mid-fifties an anti-colonial war broke out in algeria where french racism and anti-Islamic passion were at their most fanatical. Never during the algerian conflict did the french call their enemy algerians or even arabs – they were always referred to as the muslims – the crusading (i.e. genocidal) spirit was at large again.

So it was only by the beginning of the sixties that the world was to see the creation of a self-governing state called nigeria, and the formal withdrawal of the french from the Sahel and the creation of 'new nations' who would 'govern their own destinies' – or so the propaganda went. The age of colonialism was drawing to an end. Or so it seemed from the map and from the media – all produced still by the 'withdrawing' forces of the north. Out of the french empire in Africa which had been one territory under their administration were to merge no less than twelve nations.

If it can be used to underline the cynical and irrelevant nature of 'national identity' it should be mentioned that there is in Paris an office whose sole work is to supply national anthems for new 'emergent' nations. Another supplies national flags. The national anthem of free 'niger' is 'La Nigerienne'!

The division of the Sahel which is basically one vast desert into several separate nations with all the paraphernalia of nationhood and the inevitable competition and conflict that sets up between neighbouring states – all this was the recipe for continued control of a power now, they assumed, hopelessly divided against itself.

Partition. It had (they imagined) worked in ireland. It had paralysed the sub-continent of india. It had even been used to keep a door open on cyprus, a tiny Mediterranean island. The whole 'middle east' fiasco that has seen the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children is a direct result of the colonial partitioning of peoples – deliberately separating language groupings, religious patterns, and most of all locating the seat of power in an accessible place under supervision. Splitting and decentralising volatile and energetic elements in the society.

Partition invented mauritania, mali, niger, chad out of an area unified by religion, language groupings, and geographic character. But it also sliced off a portion of what lay below it in order to introduce into the Muslim identity an animist or 'christian' element. (See Principle 4) As a result of this – if you examine the map you will observe that the capitals of these four countries are situated in the south – that is, out of the influence of the Muslim leaders and within the animist/christian belt or near to it. Thus the personnel of administration and governance would be basically non-Muslim and christian. The Lagos based government of nigeria is a built-in assurance that the notoriously independent and educated muslims would be left out of federal decision making. A theory that was to be ruthlessly pursued to the point not only of assassinating Muslim leaders but also to the massacre of a people by instigation in order to 'isolate' the muslims further within their own land and from world opinion – world opinion is, by the way, what the kafir press agency which controls ALL news decrees it shall think.

Partition must be understood. It is option one when dealing with the colonialist take-over. It is not a method of withdrawal but of re-establishment. The result is the fictional entity which is politically helpless. There is 'no such place' as lebanon or israel – they are creations of a political fiction which then has to be sold as fact and also 'humanitarian fact'! By the same token these Sahelian countries which do not exist – except, understand, as elements in a policy of the absentee rulership of a colonial power – because of their non-viability as countries, become dependent on assistance. It is this assistance which then forces the puppet leaders to invite back the 'developed' countries to bring to them the magical blessings of a technology they can in fact never inherit. It is not in the logic of the system of technique to release slave populations to take the benefits from the high-drive societies.

The most recent and most extreme partitioning has been the creation of Djibouti an entity in the ethiopia glutted with its possession of eriteria and ogaden. Another brilliant evidence of what partitioning means and who is meant to gain from it.

One country that exemplifies the Partition principle dramatically is cameroon. A quite arbitrary frontier creates a state with numerous languages, numerous peoples, a Muslim north, an animist/christian south. A capital in the south, disenfranchised muslims in the north. At the same time its real role is to be a strategic wedge between chad and nigeria in case the great Muslim city of Kano in northern nigeria proves a focus for Muslim activists across that area over into chad. And just such turbulence, for the colonialists have learned to help each other, gives nigeria's federal brewery-based government the chance to destroy the great civilising influence of Kano piety.

Tunisia is a wedge-country. Togo is a wedge-country. Gambia is a wedge-country. Upper Volta is a wedge-country.

Another form of wedge is the splitting of linguistic groups. This counts as a principle in itself.

2. The Linguistic Principle

The issue of language becomes a red-hot issue in the colonial schema. It has led to massacres on the indian sub-continent and it is a most significant element of disruption. It must be understood. Language usage and control operates on various levels. There is the language usage reserved for the colonial power – and for those good slaves who collaborate with it. The civil service in nigeria were taught english at mission schools. Therefore the family which wanted to 'get on' had to abandon the Islamic madrasah. Equally in algeria, use of french implied abandonment of arabic.

Note that already two elements emerge, The primary one is the use of the occupying-forces language. That is the first tier of the political system. At the second level we witness the seconding of Islamic learning to kafir education. Again the 'christian north' is militarily opposed to the educated Islam traditional to Africa. This could be considered the ideological element in language control. There is, however, a further element.

For centuries the common language of Africa had been the language of the Qur'an. While the colonialists were a political presence in Africa they could allow an elite to speak their language. Once withdrawn to their own lands except for the infra-structure of technology-investment they had left behind, they had to control the place at the cultural level in another way. Only the french, obsessed with their odd language, insisted on defining their 'abandoned empire' as new allies called the Francophone states, that is, french-speaking. The english pushed for the setting up of Swahili as a common language. This was the solution of the bishops made to avoid the continued use of Arabic, the language of Islam. Ironically, at a still lower level we can observe that Idi Amin forced Swahili to become the language of government in uganda in order to get rid of the dominant use of english! Yet, Swahili is the language of the christian ethos and Arabic is the great common language of use across the continent.

Another dimension of language control is stalinian in its theory. That is, to divide a language group by a 'new national frontier' – thus weakening the change of their language being the voice of rebellion. This happened on the border between kenya and somalia and between uganda and kenya. It is clear from these examples that unity of language will lend strength to the anti-colonialist movement. The children of Soweto refuse to learn Afrikaans. They have got the point. More radically, to learn and use Arabic is a unifying act the consequences of which will undoubtedly change the face of Africa and be a door to freedom.

3. The Democracy Principle

With this principle and the next we can observe the colonial system in all its ruthless irrational power. For the fourth principle is deliberately set up to be the contradiction of the third. Let us examine this.

First of all you may be aware that there is abroad in the western version of advanced society the myth of democracy. Democracy derives from a greek word demos – the people. But the democratic system of the greek ancient city state is not the true derivation of this term in modern political parlance. It derives from the masonically scripted french revolution.

It does not lead to people's rule but rather it is a device to install an all-powerful bureaucratic elite who can carry out policies without further interference due to the mythic 'franchise' that has been granted them at the polls. In other words, the pattern that may be valid for people's control at a small-town level (for that is all ancient Athens was) cannot work within the framework of large modern cities, let alone vast nation-states. It can be clearly seen that the democratic framework once established then survives on the acceptance of political parties who go 'before the people'. Yet groups can be barred from this process through rulings that outlaw them when unwanted – be they leftist or rightist – and then they can also be barred by lack of funding as within the two party system in the u.s.a. If necessary the whole system can be eroded from within through the deliberate proliferation of centrist parties in order not to change things but to protect the status quo in crisis.

Parliament and General Assembly are thus two antique models to guarantee the continuance of an already existing power elite. Its usefulness is, however, that it allows the possibility of absorbing new strong elements in the society rather than being threatened by them. Trade union power can be absorbed into its system as can fascism itself. Hitler was elected to power by a popular franchise and can be seen as one of the major achievements of the so-called democratic system! So mythic is it in its coronation of people's rights that it is used as a device even in the non-political systems of the east. Here we seethe comic ritual of 99% of the votes in favour of leaders and communist parties. It is also a rightist practice in dictatorships like those of chile and egypt.

Yet it is this dubious and defunct system which boasts anarchy in italy and a quasi-fascist police state in almost every e.e.c. country today that we are told is the necessary prelude to the even more elusive 'self-government' that Africans are told they fervently desire and are fighting for – all this dialectic must be seen for what it is!

We had earlier noted that democracy stems from the french revolution and this is not merely its historical source, it is its ideological one. This means that nationhood is a concept invented to destabilise religious power according to the zionist thesis of masonism which is wipe out the religious power of the forces opposing jewish ambitions. To this end the very concept of the modern nation has to be disestablished from religious control. It is called the secular state. Every modern state in the west and east is 'secular. Even england which symbolically names the monarch as 'Defender of the faith' actually has reduced church power to the ineffective upper house. Every president of the u.s.a. since Washington has been a mason, almost every french president too.

The case of rhodesia is relevant. An African nation named after a notorious adventurer and mason, struggles for 'independence'. Actually, the white settler represents agrarian wealth and 'backward' power. He is a bad investment. It is necessary to align the country with the new investment-colonialism. A change-over must be made that seems to fulfil all the rhetoric of both radicalism and the just values of de-colonialisation. The solution is democracy. One man one vote. A census is taken. An all but impossible sociological event. An election is held. The white settlers win the election. This was not the required goal. So the election is declared invalid. Two governments play their role in this from england. One left wing and one right wing. The policy identical. Second time round a brilliant deal is done behind the scenes. The apparently 'radical' leader is elected by a landslide. One man one vote is vindicated. This time the same faces from england declare that this election was just, as they previously had said that the former was unjust. The way is clear to dump the economically irrelevant white settlers and move on to the new economic level of exploitation. Scrap the unpleasant colonialist name rhodesia, call it a good African name – zimbabwe – and then move in the massive investment in the new phase of exploitation that is being set up. Two groups moved into the new zimbabwe after 'independence' – new, specially trained 'missionaries' and the banking community! New flag. New anthem. New motto. New face on the chair of power. Behind the scenes – the same story! In some countries the election is a mere formality. In egypt dictatorship hides behind a parliamentary facade. Yet it is not the left/right dialectic we should look to – what concerns us is the role of colonialism in opposing Islam.

With the setting up of the colonial power bases in the post military-presence and post administrational presence – it became necessary to ensure that Islam did not re-establish its intellectual and therefore political supremacy in greater Africa. After a tremendous amount of research by the orientalists, jewish and christian, a systematic approach was designed. The 'middle phase', as it was called, was the creation of a group of traitor 'ulama' and intellectuals who would be flattered to join the european club. The means were the masonic lodges already well established in egypt. In algeria educated meant french speaking, beardless and with a re-spelt de-islamicised name. Baggy trousers meant derision and low echelon jobs, tight trousers meant higher rank. Today you can still be sacked from the moroccan postal service if you dare to wear a beard! It took the marxists to re-introduce the Lenin-style beard into north Africa.

These middle phase allies were co-opted into the re-structuring of their countries' constitutions. Their instructions were to draft secular legislation which saw the shari'at of Islam was displaced from its role as part of state governance. The essential element was to reduce its authority over social matters until it only concerned personal matters like marriage, divorce and property settlement. For this these middle phase 'ulama' and academics and civil servants were cynically co-opted.

In nigeria the de-islamicising of the legal system was a sophisticated and brilliant piece of work. It is here that the cynicism of 'democracy' shows through. Nigeria is a Muslim country. It has a large Muslim majority – although the percentage statistic diminishes year by year in official pronouncements! Since nigeria is a Muslim state by democratic principles – if these principles had any reality it would have to opt for rule by shari'at. It is not the case. Look further. Tanzania is an almost completely Muslim country yet it has a christian leader and is governed by christians. The same is the case in kenya. What representation do Muslims have in mozambique? In madagascar? The shari'at is denied to countries which are already majority Muslim populations.

This takes us to the ironically effective next principle.

4. The Minority Principle

It is clear that all the principles of colonial methodology are based on means by which the host organism can be paralysed and made subservient to the parasitic guest. The Minority Principle is the one which most openly reveals the disdain the colonists have for the very principles they pretend to adhere to, and the clear split in their world view that implies one morality for them and another for colonial countries. Remember, we are assuming, on powerful evidence, the continued control of Africa by the high-tech north. The Minority Principle is a leverage device, Its purpose is to delay administrative and political departure or to provide a writ for re-entry. It goes like this: "In the country there is a minority. If we (the colonists) leave, we fear for the safety of the minority due to the fanaticism of the majority group." Or, We are not satisfied that the minority are justly represented in the forthcoming assembly of the new republic."

It is patently obvious that this approach is in direct contradiction to the Democracy Principle, but expediency is the dominant rule of colonialism, and that implies total disregard of justice. Ireland was partitioned in order to protect the protestant christian minority, or so they said. When all logic demands that an island with one cultural and linguistic past should be unified, the reason for staying, ironically, becomes the need to protect the catholic majority of the north from sectarian violence, so the troops are sent in, and remain.

In sudan the moves towards Islamic shari'at are deflected by uprisings and fomented trouble in the south. Suddenly the christians produce lines of anthropologists all begging for the protection of the 'noble savage', the animist in his pristine state. The declared desire to bring the world to christian faith, strangely forgotten in a desire to preserve pagan worship! This dialectic which shows christians begging for the protection of primitivism as a bastion against the spread of Islam is a phenomenon that presents itself all across the continent. In short, missionaries may bring pagans into the christian church, but any possibility of their entering Islam means an incursion into their culture which must be preserved – as, presumably, a domain for more anthropologists to study and write monographs on. This position can be seen at work in upper volta with the Dogon, in northern uganda with the tribes there, as well as with the animist groups bordering the Muslim Sahelians.

In egypt the Copts who traditionally have always been quite ignored by the Muslims are presented as being put at risk should egypt 'turn the clock back' by re-introducing shari'at law. So the Minority Principle is used to order, and can cue in military intervention whenever required. Just as the jews are not beyond sacrificing their own people for the zionist cause, as in their bombing of their own synagogue in Paris to create hysteria which then defines any criticism of israel as anti-semitism, so too, the christians are not beneath using the same technique. Fomenting riots and coming to the rescue is a classical trick of colonialists. The Makarere massacre in uganda was one of the incidents used to justify the tanzanian invasion of the country. It never took place. Significantly, there has been more genocide under tanzanian occupation than ever took place under Idi Amin. But no one 'intervenes', tanzania is the tool of the colonial nexus as everybody knows.

In chad the french foreign legion rampaged through the Muslim lands causing havoc. Their atrocities were so savage they even drew criticism from the colonialist countries. Women were raped, men used for bayonet practice, children slaughtered. Yet when they put under pressure they had to create 'disturbances' and then present themselves as the force needed to restore law and order. It was bitterly cynical, but the world prefers to buy the picture of civilising europeans to that of Africans with 'human rights'. 'Human rights; are for jews but not for palestinians, for american hostages but not for iranian savak victims.

Minority protection has been used in nigeria – it was the underlying dialectic of the 'biafran' war. It is also that of the moves to re-write the legal code to displace the Islamic shari'at – protection of the minority.

Yet when the Muslim minority in northern cameroon were massacred no state or french troops moved in to protect them. Shari'at law is never made constitutional to protect Muslim minorities – yet again and again shari'at law is displaced to 'protect' kafir minorities! The fact is, of course, that it is only in Islamic law that you build a built-in guaranteed protection for minorities.

As a footnote to this we can note the supreme disdain that england has for its Islamic minority and their 'human rights'. Men have been sacked from their jobs for trying to attend jumu'a prayers. The trade unions have upheld the decision and so the obligatory duty of a Muslim is denied him and he has no protection in the courts.

5. The National Myth Principle

The strongest element in controlling a state is the creation of a strong national myth. There is a whole system involved in creating a pseudo-nation. It is in fact a minor industry earning money.

The key elements are:

1. A name for the country.

2. A specially designed flag.

3. A national anthem.

4. A national motto.

5. A national football team.

The flag is another masonic concept and allegiance and worship of the flag are essential elements in the kafir materialist state. The americans are notorious for their superstitious and irrational emotion where the flag is concerned. It was a most significant ritual that saw the admittedly embarrassed Shaykh al-Azhar bow into ruku' and kiss the egyptian flag at a ceremony on the Gaza-strip marking the first phase of the israeli victory over egypt called the Camp David Agreement. The raising and lowering of flags in ritual at fixed times of the day or night consisting of religious rites and therefore haram. Saluting a flag is a half-takbir. No Muslim may do this.

National anthems are another ludicrous imposition on a colonised people. Wahhabi 'ulama' object to sufis using music to draw people to dhikr of Allah and yet stand solemnly to attention at civic functions while the national anthem is playing. Yet standing to attention is an iqama, and therefore an act of worship and therefore haram. No Muslim may do this. The first sign of Muslim strength against ataturkism (i.e. masonry) and secular government in turkey was when, at a mass rally, the Muslims tore up the flag and refused to stand for the national anthem. They were being called fanatical! Yet the rituals they were being asked to participate in were irrational and superstitious! Some they were accused of 'desecrating' the flag – this meant it was considered a sacred object. An admission that the rites were religious in nature.

National mottoes nearly always are phrases from the masonic and anti-theistic declaration of human rights that followed the french revolution (and reign of terror). The most popular is the famous 'liberty, fraternity and equality'. This is a displacement of the Qur'an as the final guide to men's actions and the highest possible statement about human rights and obligations. Any national motto is a rejection of and an insult to the Qur'an and should be refused and ridiculed.

National football teams and the participation in the world sport movement is a deliberate involvement of Muslims in pagan games. Allah, glory be to Him, has clearly stated in the Qur'an:

We did not create this world as a sport and a pastime.

Play for its own sake is forbidden, particularly in ritualised group games. It must not be forgotten that along with these games goes a complete anthropological system. It is part of the 'solution' to the problem of what to do with excess physical energy and aggression among workers – the answer is to contain the workers in isolated arenas where they watch the violent conflict ritualised in a 'safe' game. At the end the worst that may happen is inter-team fighting. This de-politicises crowd violence and protects central government.

Further to this, modern games involve the raising and lowering of national flags, the playing of anthems, and worse the olympic ideology which is pagan and involves body worship and fire worship. These pathetic and degrading spectacles present 'modern' man at his most primitive and superstitious. Thus the olympic games were the vehicle to confirm the validity of the afghanistan invasion. The commonwealth games are the confirmation of the colonial power syndrome.

A whole series of secondary elements follow the main group. One of these is the Airport Ritual. This is for the elite – to glorify them. It is also for presentation on national television. The plane touches down. The president or minister visiting the country comes down from the plane onto a red carpet. He walks forward slowly. The host president of minister advances slowly. They embrace or shake hands. They walk ritually to 'inspect the troops'. This means walking hurriedly down a line of soldiers at attention. Then the party moves to a dais under the two national flags. The two national anthems are played. Short speeches follow and then everyone walks to the waiting cars and the ritual drive to the palace. A kafir jumu'a!

One last element of national practice is the closing of a day's television with a reading from the Qur'an. This, in so-called Islamic countries, is a copy of the behaviour of the christians who recite a piece of their Bible before closing the station. Since this is done on a regular ritual basis it should, of course, be stopped, since it is a clear bida'. Again, official 'ulama' never question the role of religion in upholding a non-Islamically governed state. Thus the duty reverts again to the ordinary Muslims to put things right.

An extension of the National Myth principle is the propagandist line that people are proud to be sudanese or egyptian and so on. Thus frontiers which were utterly spurious and arbitrary when created become things to be protected and defended. This was clear in the chad affair. A frontier that had been invented by foreign mercenary troops became something 'all chadians' were determined to protect and keep inviolable.

'National' sovereignty is upheld by media at the local level and by the masonic power control system of the united nations, a body that was created and convened with the sole purpose of legitimising the state of israel, a country that has ever since flaunted its directives and now, when its expansionist aims are being halted, calls for its abolition!

Yet it is israel which forms along with south africa, the colonialist axis which still aims at the complete control of the African continent and its de-islamicisation. This brings us to the next level of our analysis. What lies behind the official and yet mythic political framework which maintains the colony status over a whole continent.

It should be remembered that some countries do indeed seem to have gained a certain autonomy, like algeria and libya, but we must examine these causes also in greater detail and try to discern the undertow of events as best we can.

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