Things which invalidate the fast

Eating or drinking
Sexual intercourse
Emission of sperm
Making oneself vomit deliberately
Menstruation or post natal bleeding

Making up Missed Days

Days missed must be made up before the next Ramadan
If not made up before Ramadan, fidya is owed
Breaking the fast deliberately without excuse entails kaffara*


Fidya is feeding a poor Muslim with a mudd of the predominant food of the land

Someone who fails to make up missed days before the next Ramadan owes fidya
Old people and the chronically ill who cannot fast owe fidya for missed days
A nursing woman who does not fast out of fear for her child owes fidya
A mudd is about half a kilo

* Kaffara: feeding sixty poor people with a mudd, or fasting two continuous months or freeing a slave.

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